Catalog 2017-2018 
    Nov 16, 2018  
Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

First-Year Experience

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Center for the First-Year Experience


Horizon Hall, Room 107

Assistant Director:

Rachel Veretto

Program Coordinators:

Jackie Chabot

Ty’Ray Thompson


The Center for the First-Year Experience (FYE) provides students with the tools to ease the transition to college and pave the way to greater academic success. FYE, located in 107 Horizon Hall, is also a space for studying, academic support, and we even have a few student computer stations (sorry, no printing). If you’re a new student, take advantage of these programs and classes designed specifically for you: 

Advancing Academic Achievement (AAA 090)

AAA090 is a three-credit course which helps students develop personalized approaches to learning and success for easier transition into college. Topics include goal-setting, time management, textbook reading strategies, note-taking, listening techniques, concentration and memory devices and critical thinking for students success.

iFocus Workshops

The iFocus workshop series, offered through the fall and spring semesters on all campuses and online, will assist you in developing and achieving your educational, professional, and personal goals while attending Aims Community College. iFocus was created to meet the needs of students in the areas of academic, multiculturalism, leadership, health and wellness, career and transfer, and technology. Popular workshops include: Study Strategies for Biology, Microsoft Word Quick Start, Overcoming Test Phobia, Boost Your Brain Power, Stress-Proofing Yourself and many more!


Catalyst is a selective leadership program for students returning to Aims after at least one semester with a minimum 2.0 GPA. The term “catalyst” is defined as someone or something that encourages progress and change. This unique program helps students foster a mindset of completion and a vision of the “end in mind.” During three semesters, the following programmatic themes are covered: Leadership, Connectedness, and Cultural Competency. These content areas provide participants with the opportunity to improve on skills attractive to future employers:  teamwork, communication, leadership, organization, decision making, and other personal/professional skills.  Membership in Catalyst strengthens your leadership skills, making you “the” candidate for your future career!

United Men of Color - United Women of Color

These groups offer students of color the social and academic support to predict retention, success, and completion through introductions to campus resources, creating interpersonal support and accountability and encouraging a Growth Mindset. Both groups act in solidarity with other social inclusion and equity groups and initiatives on campus as they help to educate the campus community on issues related to the success of students of color. Weekly meetings serve as a safe space for students of color to be open and inclusive about cultural commonalities, and differences, as they navigate higher education.

Peer Coaching

Peer coaches serve as guides to all Aims students, supporting them both academically and socially during their various transitions at Aims. Peer coaches encourage students to participate in co-curricular programs and campus events, connect students to campus and community resources, and offer academic support by assisting students with study skills and technology questions related to assignments. Peer Coaches are available for 1-1 support in the Learning Commons and in the First-Year Experience office.