Catalog 2018-2019 
    May 25, 2019  
Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Allied Health: Nurse Aide and Medical Preparation Programs

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Greeley campus - Allied Health and Sciences Building
Fort Lupton campus - Prairie Building

Nurse Aide and Medical Preparation Programs Chair:

Heather Brown, A.A.S., R.N, 970.339.6281


Kerry Noble, B.S.N, R.N., 970.339.6428

Shelly Powell, B.S.N., R.N., 970.378.3553


Kellie Richardson, M.Ed., 970.339.6570

Janet Chase, M.A., 970.339.6284

Certificates Offered:

Intro to Allied Health

  • HPR 111 - Success Seminar, 1 credit
  • HPR 178 - Medical Terminology, 3 credits
  • HWE 122 - Responding to Emergencies, 2 credits

Medical Preparation 

  • HPR 111 - Success Seminar, 1 credit
  • HPR 178 - Medical Terminology, 3 credits
  • HWE 122 - Responding to Emergencies, 2 credits
  • NUA 101 - Nurse Aide, 4 credits
  • NUA 170 - Nurse Aide Clinical Experience, 1 credit
  • HPR 104 - Health Career Options and Readiness, 1 credit

The Medical Preparation Program is a partnership between Aims Community College and local school districts. It is a scholarship package that allows junior and senior high school students to simultaneously earn credit toward a college degree or certificate while obtaining credit toward a high school diploma. It is a series of 12 credits over 2 semesters that prepare the student to enter or explore health care careers. Students will identify personal strengths and weaknesses, take a transferable Medical Terminology course, and develop a portfolio that includes building a resume.

Nurse Aide 

  • NUA 101 - Nurse Aide, 4 credits
  • NUA 170 - Nurse Aide Clinical Experience, 1 credit

Healthcare Readiness & Professionalism

  • NUA 101 - Nurse Aide, 4 credits
  • NUA 170 - Nurse Aide Clinical Experience, 1 credit
  • NPR 104 - Health Career Options and Readiness, 1 credit

​The Nurse Aide Program is intended for the individual desiring to be a certified nurse aide focusing on care for the adult or disabled patient/client/resident living at home or in a health care facility. Methods of learning include classroom activities, skills practice and simulations, and clinical practice giving actual patient care. The program meets all relevant federal and state requirements. A background check and drug screen are required. Upon successful completion, the program graduate is eligible to apply to take the State of Colorado Nurse Aide Certificate examination. The program graduate must also meet the State eligibility requirements when applying to take the certification exam. (Cost of examination is not covered in tuition.) The program content and successfully passing the state nurse aide certification examination will satisfy the requirement for application to the Aims nursing program.

Aims Community College Nursing Aide Program has adopted “Technical Standards” for progression and completion of the Nurse Aide Program. Interested students for the Nurse Aide Program must be able to meet these minimum standards, with or without reasonable accommodations, for successful completion of program requirements. The “Technical Standards” will be provided during on-campus mandatory orientation sessions.

Program Length: 110 clock hours. A variety of scheduling options are offered, including online-hybrid.

Potential Opportunities: Plentiful employment opportunities exist for the state-certified nurse aide in long term care, home health care, and residential care. Local opportunities also exist for employment in hospitals. Also useful for persons wanting wage-earning ability while preparing for nursing or other health care careers. Employment opportunities require current State of Colorado Nurse Aide Certification.

Registration Requirements: All students interested in taking this program must attend a nurse aide orientation, have met the reading assessment requirement, and have an advisor’s signature on the course registration before registering. Students must meet agency health requirements including immunizations/titers and screenings. 

Release of Confidential Information

A student enrolled in programs requiring clinical or experiential rotations in allied health fields are required to sign a “Release of Confidential Information” form so that if the student engages in misconduct, the information and records relating to the misconduct can be shared with regulatory agencies responsible for licensure in that program area.

Notice of Protocol for Students Banned from Clinical Sites

Please be advised that if you currently are or previously have been enrolled in a program with a clinical component and have been expelled from one of our clinical affiliates, you are expelled from all programs at the college with a clinical component. Any attempt to seek entry, enrollment, or matriculation into these programs after such a dismissal is at your own risk. You will be removed from the program at the time that the expulsion is discovered and all tuition and fees paid to that point shall be forfeited by you. If you have any questions about this particular issue, you are encouraged to contact the program chair prior to enrolling.  

Nurse Aide / Medical Preparation Advisory Committee

Ruth Burns-Branscum, Education Coordinator, Life Care Center of Greeley

Jamie Gallegos, Greeley School District 6 Administration Office

Scott Graham, Fort Lupton High School Administrator

Withrow Palmer, Columbine Health Administrator


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