Catalog 2018-2019 
    May 18, 2024  
Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Instructional Programs

Music Performance

Jazz/Contemporary Ensemble: This instrumental and vocal musical ensemble is open to Aims Community College students and the northern Colorado community. Musical experience is required. Performance opportunities will be offered on a regular basis. Contact person: Rick Busson, 970.339.6502,

English as a Second Language Program (ESL)

Aims Community College is committed to its diverse population and welcomes all students interested in beginning or continuing their education goals through English language acquisition. ESL courses provide pathways for students seeking opportunities in post-secondary education, the workforce, or simply as an opportunity for personal enrichment and growth. The ESL program seeks to provide students with measurable, meaningful development in English communication abilities using a four-skill approach that includes speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students who complete the ESL program will be confident in their English language abilities, and ready to achieve their goals. For more information, please contact the ESL office at (970)339-6320, or at


The GED Program utilizes one-on-one instruction, computer software, and traditional paper-and-pen approaches to help students prepare for the GED exam. Students may come and study at their convenience in the GED Adult Education Lab during its hours of operation. The program welcomes anyone who seeks GED attainment, regardless of their level of current ability. The Adult Education Program Coordinator and GED Case Manager are available to provide guidance to students during their journey to passing the GED exam. For more information, please contact the GED Program at (970)378-3578, or at

Adult Education Lab

The Adult Education Lab supports students who require additional resources and instruction to meet the standards of college-level courses. The Adult Education Lab offers Accuplacer preparation and other services that utilize one-on-one instruction, computer software and traditional paper-and-pen approaches. For more information, please contact the Adult Education Lab at (970)378-3578, or at

International Programs

By attracting students from all over the world to pursue their studies at Aims, the college strives to increase its diversity. International students from throughout Latin America, Asia, and Europe have attended Aims. While attaining a quality education at Aims, international students benefit from the unique opportunity to study at a small, friendly college in beautiful Northern Colorado. In addition, international students bring a wealth of cultural experience to our American students. Because many of our American students have not yet had the chance to travel abroad, taking classes and socializing with international students helps enrich their educational experience and cultural knowledge as well. The connections made between the international students, American students, and Aims faculty and staff broadens everyone’s educational and professional perspectives by opening up the opportunity for cultural exchanges through Study Abroad or Teach Abroad programs and by forging international friendships that can last a lifetime.

Contact Admissions at 970.339.6404 or for additional information.

College for Kids/Teens

College for Kids at Aims Community College provides summer educational fun for students entering grades three through seven. Students are able to learn about educational programs at Aims in a fun, cool way. For information, please contact or call Community Partnerships and Workforce Development at 970.339.6665.