Catalog 2018-2019 
    Dec 03, 2021  
Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PHY 211 - Phys: Calc-Based I w/Lab [SC1]

Credits: 5
(PHY 211 is only offered Fall Semester.) Explores the physical world through reasoning, mathematics and experimentation. Covers kinematics, force, gravity, energy, momentum, torque, rotational dynamics, and fluids, and may include thermodynamics. The concepts and theories presented in class are explored through demonstrations and hands-on experiments. This first semester calculus-based physics course is recommended for students entering engineering or one of the advanced sciences. This course is one of the Statewide Guaranteed Transfer courses. GT-SC1. Prerequisite(s): CCR 092 and MAT 201 (preferred completed but may be taken concurrently). Five credits.