Catalog 2019-2020 
    Jul 01, 2022  
Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Arts and Humanities

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Visual and Performing Arts

Department Chair:  Rebecca Sailor, 970.339.6505

Advisors and Faculty:

Rick Busson, 970.339.6502

Sonya PauKune, 970.339.6435

Brooke Elzey, 970.339.6639

Stephanie Newton, 970.339.6323

In the study of design and the arts, students may work to deepen their understanding of human expression and invention, to strengthen their sensory skills, to develop creative thinking abilities, and to create their own unique expressions, images, or objects.

Some transfer-level courses may be taken as general education requirements; others serve as electives within the program, or as course work toward a four-year program in design, visual arts, or music. Some courses are not offered each semester, some are offered annually, biannually, or on demand. (See Aims 2-year Academic Course Schedules.)

The curriculum for each area of study is developed to fulfill both transfer university program requirements and needs of Northern Colorado firms offering work opportunities. Students who have specific plans for transfer should consult the faculty in Visual and Performing Arts to choose appropriate course combinations.

For courses offered in:

Visual Arts


Sonya PauKune, 970.339.6435

Stephanie Newton, 970.339.6323



Rick Busson, 970.339.6502

Brooke Elzey, 970.339.6639

The Music Program is designed for those preparing for a career in music. This program combines units of study in three areas: Applied Lessons, Music Theory, and Performance.


*A wide variety of visual, spatial, auditory, kinesthetic, and creative thinking abilities are involved, and-while not assessed-are instrumental in the successful completion of these courses.

*Private instruction on guitar, voice, piano, or instrumental may be repeated at the 244 level after completion of the previous levels. Performance ensembles may be repeated at the 253 level after the completion of the previous levels.


Location:  Westview 247, 970.339.6244

Department Chair:  Rebecca Sailor, 970.339.6505


Daniel Alvarez, 970.339.6467

Chelle Costello, 970.339.6520

Megan Friesen, 970.339.6351

Kendra Griffin, 970.339.6343

Stacey Johnson, 970.378.3603

Daniel Malloy, 970.339.3546

Karen McCurley-Hardesty, 970.339.3602

Jared Merk, 970.378.3543

Leslie Morrison, 970.339.3547

Jennifer Ridgeway, 970.339.6370

Rebecca Sailor, 970.339.6507 

Joshua Savage, 970.339.6235 

Johanna Scheurman, 970.339.6423 

Brian Seemann, 303.718.5322

The study of the Humanities which includes philosophy, theater, and literature, as well as other areas of academic study, offers many advantages to students. Creative thinking, an understanding of human endeavors, and cultivation of an awareness of diverse cultures, past and present are all benefits of studying in the Humanities.

Many classes serve as general education requirements or electives for Aims degrees and four-year college transfer. A variety of courses are offered each semester and circulate on an annual, biannual, and on-demand basis. See the Aims two-year Academic Course Schedules or the general course schedule for more details.

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