Catalog 2023-2024 
    Feb 22, 2024  
Catalog 2023-2024

Enrollment Management

The Enrollment Management department is within the Student Engagement, Inclusion and Success (SEIS) division. The department is responsible for strategic recruitment and enrollment management strategies for the college. The Enrollment Management department includes Recruitment & Admissions, Campus Experience, College for Kids, and the Student Station. The team serves students through recruitment and onboarding while being the front-face of the Welcome Center and student support on campus. 

A completed application for admission is required for all new and returning students after an absence of one year or three terms (semesters). This applies to those taking courses as a visiting student or for personal interest. No admission fee is required. Aims Community College has open admission standards pursuant to 23-72-121.5 of Colorado Commission on Higher Education’s Admissions Standards Policy.

Admission to the college does not guarantee admission into some programs. Selective admission programs require an additional application for admission and/or additional steps that must be completed through the academic department’s office. Some examples include health care fields, aviation, and police academy. Other departments may have waitlists, such as welding and automotive. For the most current information, visit the department web page.

The college may deny admission or re-enrollment to individuals who cannot benefit from the programs/courses offered or if an applicant’s mental or physical disability may, in the opinion of the College, appear to be impractical or dangerous.

Aims uses a multiple measures approach to determine college-readiness and class/course placement. View the Testing Center site for more information.

Aims Community College does not require (but strongly encourages) immunization for measles or other diseases prior to admission. Students are urged to consult their personal health care provider regarding potential health risks.

Aims Community College is an equal opportunity institution. The College prohibits discrimination in its practices, programs, and activities on the basis of age, race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability and is committed to maintaining an environment free from sexual or other harassment and retaliation.

Recruitment & Admissions

Phone: (970) 330-8008


The Enrollment Coaches work with high schools and other community partners within our service area to support all students regarding their enrollment at Aims Community College. Enrollment Coaches educate interested and prospective students on program offerings and career paths; they provide guidance through the admissions application, help connect students with departments across the college, and aid with new student onboarding. 

Campus Experience

Phone: (970) 330-8008


The Campus Experience team works diligently to provide excellent customer service through events and front-line student engagement. Individual and group in-person tours are offered throughout the year and available to schedule online. The Campus Experience team hosts orientation and several campus events for prospective students, families and community members. College for Kids and the Student Station are part of the Campus Experience team.

College For Kids

Phone: (970) 378-3665


College for Kids (C4K) is a summer program that provides a fun and unique, educational experience for students ages 9 to 15 by providing an opportunity to “go to college.” Students participate in classes of their choice and engage in a variety of topics that are intended to introduce kids to possible careers. Kids are encouraged to think about what opportunities they may want to pursue in the future through innovative, captivating, and hands-on classes. Each campus location (Loveland, Windsor, Fort Lupton, and Greeley) hosts a one week four-day session throughout the month of June.

Student Station

Phone: (970) 339-6222


The Student Station serves all prospective and current students from the Welcome Center on the Greeley campus and provides support for all Aims’ campuses via phone or email. Aims staff and student employees are there to answer questions about Aims, assist with applications and guide students through the enrollment process. From the Student Station you can be connected to the Cashier’s Office, Financial Aid, Registration & Records, Advising, Transition and Career Services, and many more campus departments and services.