Catalog 2019-2020 
    Jul 01, 2022  
Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Criminal Justice, A.A. (2 years)

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Associate of Arts Degree


This Associate of Arts degree with a designation in Criminal Justice meets the requirements for the Criminal Justice Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreement, and is designed for the student who is planning to transfer to UNC or other Colorado universities.

Courses with a 3-character bracketed code (for example, “English Composition I [CO1]” ), in which a student earns the final grade of “C” or better are guaranteed to transfer to every public Colorado college or university. Although courses in which a “D” grade is earned may apply toward the AA degree at Aims, they are not guaranteed to transfer. Students may want to check with the next school they plan to attend in order to determine transferability, or may want to repeat those courses to receive a better grade.

Please view the Colorado Department of Higher Education web site for participating institutions and any additional degree requirement details (CDHE Statewide Transfer Articulation Agreements/Degrees with Designation). Students should contact receiving institution for course transferability or additional requirements when selecting courses.

Degree Requirements:

Total Communication Credits for A.A. Degree: 6


One GT Pathways course [MA1] is required - MAT 135 preferred.  Except: University of Colorado Colorado Springs prefers MAT 120; Colorado Mesa University requires either MAT 120 OR MAT 121; University of Northern Colorado requires MAT 135.

Total Mathematics Credits for A.A. Degree: 3-4

Arts & Humanities:

Select two Arts & Humanities courses from two different categories.

Total Arts & Humanities Credits for A.A. Degree: 6

Total History Credits for A.A. Degree: 3

Total Behavioral & Social Sciences Credits for A.A. Degree: 6

Physical & Life Sciences:

Select two courses. One must be lab-based.

Total Physical & Life Science Credits for A.A. Degree: 8

Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communications:

Total Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communications Credits for A.A. Degree: 3

Total Required Criminal Justice Credits for A.A. Degree: 15

Select Electives:

Choose three of the following courses. [Note: courses taken and applied to this category cannot also be counted under the General Education category above.]

Total Credit Electives for A.A. Degree: 9

Total Credits for A.A. Degree: 60

Extra Elective (if needed):

Take additional elective course if needed to achieve Total Degree Credits of at least 60. Elective course may be chosen from the general education curriculum, other arts and science courses, and specific Career and Technical courses (see Approved Degree Electives  ).

Total Extra Credits (if needed): 0-1

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