2020-2021 Catalog 
    Apr 24, 2024  
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

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Greeley Campus, Ed Beaty Hall, Room 127

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion acknowledges that students have multiple identities which influence and shape their college experience. The CDI strives to create an intentional community of students, serving as a hub to amplify the voices and enhance experiences of students from historically under-represented communities.

Programs and Services

CDI Signature Programs - Programming which engages students on issues and topics related to diversity, social identity, and equity.

Affinity Groups - Provides a space for groups of students who are linked by shared interest, purpose, or identity and offer support to each other. Affinity groups can represent a broad and/or narrow definition such as: women, queer and/or transgender people of color, military and/or veterans of color, students with disabilities, etc. Visit the CDI if you are interested in establishing an affinity group.

Latinx Mentoring Program - The mentoring program pairs Latinx students with other successful students, community members, staff, and faculty. Mentors provide educational advice, career guidance, and lifelong lessons. The program’s mission is to increase student engagement, family participation, and degree completion.

Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Room - The CDI strives to support student’s religious beliefs, spirituality and emotional well-being by sustaining a calming space where students can recenter themselves through prayer, reflection and/or meditative practices. This room includes a shoe basket, meditative pillows, compass, and a gentle timer.

Lactation Room - The CDI recognizes the importance of breastfeeding/chest-feeding parents and strives to create an environment conducive to the needs of students and employees within the Aims community. The lactation room is equipped with a comfortable chair, mini refrigerator, wall mirror (to help readjust clothing before returning to class/work), coat/clothing rack, extension cord, and cleaning items.

Veterans Engagement - The CDI provides an inclusive, semi-private space for Veteran and military affiliated students.  Within this space, students have access to computers, a comfortable lounge, and a place to connect with the Aims Veterans Engagement coordinator.  Students can find information to community resources, veteran and military affiliated programs, and the veteran student organization. 

Conference and Study Rooms - Students have access to a 16-seat conference room and a 4-seat study room. Priority is given to identity focused clubs and organizations, followed by all other student clubs, ASACC, all SAIL programs and initiatives, and other departments.

Community Lounge - Provides a space for students to relax between classes, visit with friends, or make new friends. The lounge includes comfortable couches, 50-inch TV, and power stations to charge laptops/phones.