Catalog 2021-2022 
    Jul 01, 2022  
Catalog 2021-2022

NUR 206 - Adv Concepts of M-S Nursing I

Credits: 6.5
NUR 206 builds on NUR106 focusing on advanced concepts of nursing applied to care of patients with high acuity medical/surgical conditions. Builds on medical/surgical nursing theory, mental health concepts, communication, collaboration, caring, and critical thinking/clinical reasoning necessary for safe, patient-centered nursing care to developmentally and culturally diverse adult patients. Incorporates evidence-based practice, quality improvement, professional standards, and legal and ethical responsibilities of the professional nurse as applied in a variety of healthcare settings. Application of knowledge and skills occurs in the nursing skills laboratory and in a variety of clinical settings.  All NUR classes require acceptance into the program prior to registration. Differential tuition rates apply. Six and one-half credits.
Prerequisite(s): NUR 106, NUR 109, NUR 112, and NUR 150 with grades of “C” or better
Corequisite(s): NUR 212