2020-2021 Catalog 
    Feb 24, 2024  
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate of General Studies, A.G.S. (2 years)

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(Associate of General Studies Liberal Arts Degree)

The Associate of General Studies (A.G.S.) degree includes selected professional courses and serves students who need an individualized or professional degree program toward job requirements, career advancement, and/or personal development. The A.G.S. degree, however, guarantees neither transferability nor employability.

A unique characteristic of the degree is that the field of study is determined by the student in consultation with a faculty advisor. Each student must develop a written statement of goals and objectives and specific courses needed to satisfy those objectives. In addition, a designated curriculum of general education courses must be completed. A degree contract must be signed by the student, faculty advisor and the director of the Student Success Center prior to acceptance into the degree program.

Liberal Arts is the designated major for the Associate of General Studies degree. However, selected A.G.S degrees contain pre-professional areas of study, designed for students who choose an individualized program, but who wish to focus on a particular occupation. The A.G.S. degree may include professional or career and technical courses, which often are not transferable to four-year institutions. Therefore, an A.G.S. student who plans to transfer to a four-year college or university should check carefully the receiving institution’s requirements.

General Requirements for the A.G.S. Degree

Students seeking the Associate of General Studies degree must complete the Associate of General Studies Degree Contract signed by the faculty advisor and the director of the Student Success Center prior to acceptance into the degree program.

The following are general requirements for the A.G.S. degree:

  1. Sixty (60) semester credit hours in approved course work are required for graduation. Particular program requirements are outlined in this catalog within the program section.
  2. A student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (a ‘C’ average) in the A.G.S. degree program curriculum.
  3. Fifteen (15) semester hours of course work applicable to the degree program and completed prior to graduation must be Aims Community College courses.
  4. No courses numbered below 100 may be applied toward completion of the A.G.S. degree.
  5. Career and technical courses are applicable toward the A.G.S. degree requirements when the courses are appropriate to the student’s educational objectives.

Students accepted into the degree program must then earn minimum credits in the following subject areas:

  • Communications and Humanities 9
  • Mathematics 3-5
  • Physical & Life Sciences 4
  • Behavioral, Social, and Economic Sciences 6
  • Professional Courses 10 (*minimum of 10 CTE credits required, additional CTE credits taken will apply to the electives category)
  • Electives 26-28 

Total Requirements for A.G.S. Degree: 60

Total Minimum Requirements

Communication and Humanities: 9

Arts and Humanities: 3

Select one of the three-credit courses under the Arts and Humanities  category listed in the A.A. degree.

Behavioral, Social, and Economic Sciences: 6

Any combination of courses listed in the current catalog under the Behavioral & Social Sciences   category of the A.A. degree.

Physical & Life Sciences: 4

 Select one of the four-credit courses listed under the Physical and Life Sciences  category of the A.A.

Mathematics: 3-5 credits

 Select MAT 107 or above.

(Credits over 3 will be applied to the “Elective Credit” category.)

Professional Courses: Min 10

Note: The following prefixes are designed to help guide students in finding courses to fulfill the the Professional Courses or Career and Technical Education (CTE) category requirement. Pathway Advisors are a great resource for more information an assistance for questions about these courses.

AAA-Advanced Academic Achievement
ACT-Auto Collision Technology
AGB-Agriculture Business
AGE-Agriculture Economics
AGP-Agriculture Production
AGY-Agriculture Crop/Soils
AME-Agriculture Mechanics
ASC-Animal Science
ASE-Auto Service Technology
AVT-Aviation Technology
BTE-Business Technology
CAD-Computer Assisted Drafting
CIS-Computer Information Systems
CNG-Computer and Network Technology
CSC-Computer Science
CWB-Computer Web Based
DPM-Diesel Power Mechanics
EIC-Electrical Industrial/Commercial
EMS-Emergency Medical Services
ENY-Energy Technology
FST-Fire Science Technology
FVM-Film and Video Technology
GIS-Geography Information Systems
HPE-Human Performance and Exercise
HPR-Health Professions
HWE-Health and Wellness
LEA-Law Enforcement Academy
MAP-Medical Assisting Professional
MGD-Multimedia Graphic Design 
MOT-Medical Office Professional
MTE-Manufacturing Technology 
NRE-Natural Resources
NUA-Nurse Aide
PET-Petroleum Technology
PRO-Process Technology
REE-Real Estate 
RTE-Radiologic Technology
RTV-Radio and Television 
SPI-Sterile Processing Technology
STE-Surgical Technology
WEL-Welding Technology

Electives: 26-28

Elective requirements may be satisfied with courses from the approved degree electives  or students can utilize professional courses from the list of approved Career and Technical Education courses listed above.

Total Credits for A.G.S. Degree: 60

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