2020-2021 Catalog 
    Feb 24, 2024  
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

DWD-AA: Liberal Arts-Elementary Teacher Education

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(Associate of Arts Degree)


Elementary Teacher Education Statewide Articulation Agreement includes courses for transfer to UNC and other Colorado universities. (https://highered.colorado.gov/transfer-degrees)

Courses with a 3-character bracketed code (for example, “English Composition I [CO1]”), in which a student earns the final grade of “C” or better are guaranteed to transfer to every public Colorado college or university. 

  • Courses within any Degree with Designation must be completed with a grade of “C” or higher.
  • Courses older than 10 years cannot count towards any Degree with Designation.
  • Course substitutions and/or waivers are not permitted for any Degree with Designation.

NOTE: The following transfer agreement was created prior to the 2010 legislation that changed the definition of a statewide transfer agreement and, therefore, no longer meets the legal definition. The schools that signed on to this agreement will honor it, however. Please check with Aims and the 4-year school you wish to transfer into to ensure you are registering for the appropriate courses.

Degree requirements for the Elementary Teacher Education Statewide Articulation Agreement.

General Education Requirements:


Total Communication Credits: 6

Total Mathematics Credits: 6


*MAT 155  & MAT 156  can only be used for graduation to fulfill the mathematics general education requirement for the articulation program. If a student chooses to change their degree program, these courses may or may not be applied to the elective category of the chosen degree (see Approved Degree Electives  in this catalog).

In order to receive General Education credit for Integrated Math courses as part of the Elementary Education Articulation Agreement, students must complete both MAT 155 and MAT 156. Successful completion of both MAT 155 and MAT 156 will satisfy all General Education requirements in the Mathematics category for the A.A. degree under the Elementary Education Articulation Agreement. 

(*Per statewide articulation agreement for elementary education students only.) 

Total Arts & Humanities Credits: 3

Total History Credits: 3

Behavioral & Social Sciences:

Total Behavioral & Social Sciences Credits: 6

Total Physical & Life Sciences Credits: 8

Additional Required Courses:

Please note: If these credits are not required for the major at a receiving 4-year institution, they will be applied to the Bachelor’s degree as elective credit towards graduation. Please check with the receiving institution to determine in which way these courses will be applied.

Total Additional Required Credits: 9


UNC Transfer-Electives Requirements:

The following list has been provided by the University of Northern Colorado for students wishing to transfer to UNC. Students desiring to transfer to UNC must select their remaining 19 credits of electives from this list.

Students planning to transfer to an institution other than UNC must contact the transfer institution for further information. It is the student’s responsibility to select the appropriate final 19 credits. Please see the current Elementary Teacher Education Statewide Articulation Agreement at https://highered.colorado.gov/academics/transfers/TransferDegrees.html

Total Elective Credits: 19

Total Credits for A.A. Degree: 60

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