Catalog 2010-2011, Final Edition 
    Nov 30, 2023  
Catalog 2010-2011, Final Edition [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life


College Center, Room 130




Ron Fay

Orientation/Student Activities:


Office Supervisor: 970.339.6450

FAX: 970.506.6946

Food Services:


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The Student Life Office

The Student Life Office offers support and growth experiences through a variety of educational, social, and multicultural activities. The Connections Program provides orientation activities for new students to ease their transition into college. Once enrolled, students may participate in student leadership activities through the Associated Students of Aims Community College governing and programming boards. Student Life also oversees Food Services operations on all campuses.

First Year Experience Opportunities

If you’re a new student, take advantage of these programs and classes designed specifically for you:

Get Started Session

This one hour session is designed for prospective student who have never attended Aims Community College. After applying for admission, this is your next step toward registration for classes. Sessions are held weekly on the Greeley campus and include steps to enrollment, assessment test requirements, college costs and financial aid, advising and registration information, and more.

New Student Orientation (NSO )

This three hour program is designed for students who have completed the admission and class registration process. Programs are offered at the Aims Greeley, Fort Lupton, and Loveland campuses and include findyour- classes tours, book buying information, Student ID, understanding the syllabus and faculty expectations, and campus resources. Check out NSO for countless “week one winners.”

Advanced Academic Achievement Classes (AAA 101/AAA 109)

The subject of these classes is SUCCESS… what success is and how to achieve it in college. You will be introduced to the culture of college to help make a smooth transition to life as an Aims student. You will identify strategies to negotiate the academic environment through a variety of activities and experiences. Reading textbooks with high comprehension, taking notes using effective system, and test-taking strategies are the “name of the game’ in this class.

iFocus Workshops

Offered throughout the semester at all campuses, the iFocus series offers students a variety of study skills workshops including Unbaffling Biology, Top 10 Ways to Study Smarter, Speed REading, Overcoming Test Phobia, Demystifying Math Tests, Note-Taking 101, and more. Discover your roadmap to success through attendance at these free programs.

7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students

In this 6-hour workshop, students learn how to take control of their lives, begin each day by planning, keep promises, and do the most important things first. Attend a 7 Habits workshop to learn about the habits that will make you an “A” student.

Programs and Services

The Student Life Office is committed to serving as a resource for Aims students as well as supporting student activities. The office provides opportunities for students to gain valuable experiences in planning and implementing activities and programs. Students meet new and interesting people and participate in activities that often have a lasting effect on both the campus and the individual. Student Life encompasses a broad range of programs and services designed with the student as the priority.

Associated Students of Aims Community College - ASACC is a student organization whose membership includes all Aims students. This organization serves the students at Aims by addressing student concerns and student-related campus issues, and by coordinating student activities. The organization is governed by three student groups: the Student Government Association, the Student Programming Council, and the Student Peer Education Council with representation from the Greeley, Fort Lupton, and Loveland campuses. These boards work together and form the Associated Students Board.

Student Government Association - The SGA provides a student voice in campus decision making processes and brings student concerns to the forefront of campus operations. This group provides input on student life issues to the college administration and the Aims Board of Trustees. Additionally, this board assists in chartering and working with student clubs and organizations.

Student Programming Council - The SPC is responsible for planning activities that complement the educational aspect of college life. The activities coordinated by this group include: Fall-In Welcome Celebration, coffee houses, comedy acts, films, lectures, and educational workshops.

Student Peer Education Council - The SPEC, also known as Mylife focuses on health related topics and provides educational workshops and activities for the students at Aims Community College.

Chartered Student Clubs and Organizations - Included are academic, honors, social, and civic groups. Get involved by contacting the Student Life Office for a current listing of chartered clubs and organizations or go to html.

The Campus Grind coffee carts are located at 2 locations on the Greeley Campus offering coffee and pre-wrapped food items.

Graduation Ceremony - One graduation is held each year at the conclusion of the spring semester for all students earning degrees and certificates during the previous academic year.

Graphic Services - Available to the ASACC Board and clubs/organizations to give students an opportunity to commission a professional artist to develop promotional materials, brochures, and signs.

Honors Programs - Included is the Distinguished Scholar Awards program, Academic Excellence Week, Academic Honors Ceremony, and Beta Kappa Lambda - the Aims chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

Study Lounges - Lounges are located in Westview, Ed Beaty Hall, Horizon Hall, and the Allied Health and Sciences Building.

Student IDs - The Aims Student ID is the official identification card for all members of the student community. It functions as a library card, gymnasium pass, learning labs card, and includes benefits in the surrounding community including student discounts. All students are expected to obtain an Aims Student ID card after registering for courses for their first term at Aims. Bring a copy of your class schedule and photo ID to the Student Life Office, room 130 in College Center or the Academic Resource Centers at Loveland/Fort Lupton campuses to obtain a free student ID.

Student Mediation, Assistance and Advocacy Program (MAAP)

Students with a complaint, issue, concern, or problem with a College employee or department, another student or an instructional situation as described in 5-601C, may contact the Student Life Office, located in the College Center, room 130 for assistance. The Student Mediation, Assistance and Advocacy Program (MAAP) is designed to assist students with College related issues and assist the student in seeking an informal resolution.


A student ombudsman is available to help you with instructional or interpersonal problems. You can find this resource in College Center, room 130.