Catalog 2010-2011, Final Edition 
    Jun 13, 2024  
Catalog 2010-2011, Final Edition [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Instructional Programs / High School Options and Alternatives

Special Instructional Programs

Community Interest Programs

Classes are offered in a number of instructional areas for the person who desires to broaden his or her experiences with the study of special interest subjects. Major emphasis is on personal and professional improvement and growth. Courses are offered if the need or demand arises, an appropriate number of students is available, and a qualified instructor can be secured. Adult education classes also are offered in communities outside Greeley, including Ault, Eaton, Windsor, Kersey, Johnstown, Gilcrest, Fort Lupton, Keenesburg, Loveland, Estes Park, Berthoud, Fort Collins, and others.

Examples of classes which may be offered are conversational Spanish, and German, personal computers, word processing, pottery, dance, and community photography, Greeley Concert Band and concert choir.

College Preparatory Courses

Many students achieve success at Aims by first taking one or more college prep courses. By taking assessment tests, they learn what initial courses they need to help them succeed in their particular programs of study. The students improve their skills in math, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Then they proceed toward their goals, such as attaining a particular certificate or degree.

World Languages

Courses are offered in a variety of languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, French, Swedish, Japanese, and Russian. Study of languages helps students not only become conversant in the language, but also assists in developing understanding of world cultures. The Foreign Languages department often promotes educational travel programs and maintains an agreement with a language school in Mexico where students may take Spanish courses in an intensive format. Courses can also be designed for area businesses and organizations upon request.

Intensive English Program

The Intensive English Program runs year-round, and offers classes in speaking, grammar, reading, and writing, as well as interactive computer-based language practice. The goal of the IEP is to develop students’ proficiency in English so they will be ready to take college level courses. Full-time IEP students take 24 hours of classes per week Monday through Thursday, while part-time students take fewer hours. Fridays are reserved for field trips or help from instructors. For more information please contact Cynthia Baker at 970.339.6200 or e-mail;, Marie Gallegos at 970.339.6675 or e-mail; Susie Gallardo at 970.339.6508 or e-mail

International Programs

By attracting students from all over the world to pursue their studies at Aims, the International Office strives to increase the college’s diversity. Currently, Aims has international students from throughout Latin America, Asia, the former Republics of the Soviet Union, and Europe. While attaining a quality education at Aims, international students benefit from the unique opportunity to study abroad at a small, friendly college in beautiful Northern Colorado. In addition, these students bring a wealth of cultural experience to our regular American students. Because many of our American students have not yet had the chance to travel abroad, taking classes and socializing with international students helps enrich their educational experience and cultural knowledge as well. The connections made between the international students, American students, and Aims faculty broadens everyone’s educational and professional horizons by opening up the opportunity for future cultural exchanges through Study Abroad or Teach Abroad programs and by forging international friendships that can last a lifetime.

Please contact Marie Gallegos at 970.339.6675 or for additional information.

Music Performance

Jazz/Contemporary Ensemble: This instrumental and vocal musical ensemble is open to Aims Community College students and the northern Colorado community. An audition for placement in the ensemble is required. Performance opportunities will be offered on a regular basis. Contact person: Patti Campbell, Music, 970.339.6252.

Physical Education

Your current Aims student ID card is your key to Greeley’s best-kept fitness secret. A modern weight room complete with a full complement of cardio equipment is available to all students - as are the basketball, racquetball and tennis courts. Check the posted schedule for open gym and weight room hours. Or, register for one of our diverse fitness classes and enjoy personal instruction in Archery, Bowling, Aerobics, Tai Chi, Ballroom Dance, Yoga, Self Defense, Pilates and many more activities. Many of these classes will fulfill up to three elective credits towards an Associate of Arts degree. Our wide variety of courses offered makes it easy to find the right fit for your fitness goals!

Lower stress, more energy and a lot of fun are waiting for you in the Aims Community College Physical Fitness Department. For a complete list of classes offered, see the course descriptions in the back of the catalog. For more information please contact Laura Willoughby at 970.339.6295 or DON’T FORGET YOUR AIMS ID.

Additional Programs at Aims Community College

Continuing Education:

Offers customized training, workshops, and seminars for business, industry, and the non-profit sector. For information, call: 970.339.6213.

College for Kids (Summer):

A program that provides learning opportunities in a college environment for students in grades 1 through 8. For information, call: 970.339.6492.

General Education Development (GED):

The General Education Development program is offered through the Continuing Education division. The program helps prepare students for the GED examination. Curriculum is designed around the skills needed to pass the GED examination in reading, math, social studies, science, literature and writing. GED examination is administered through the Aims Assessment Center. The program is held at the Greeley Campus and Fort Lupton campus-you can start anytime. Pre-GED assessments are given in order to place students in appropriate levels. Students also have access to computer labs at the Corporate Education Center, and Fort Lupton campus.

For information call: 970.339.6264.

Developmental/Remedial Education:

A pre-college series of courses in reading, writing and mathematics, which prepare students for college level work.

High School Diploma:

This program is designed as a self-paced, competency-based opportunity to earn a high school diploma. (See Continuing Education  for further information)

Testing at the Loveland Campus:

Please call the Loveland Campus for testing times at 970.667.4611, Ext. 3310.

High School Options and Alternatives

For more information on Concurrent Enrollment Options: Check with your High School counselor, and the website:

Or contact one of the following:

Pre-Collegiate Advisor:

Lesli Bicknell, 970.336.6364

CTE Coordinator:

Susan Burrows, 970.339.6327

Two categories of college options are available to high school students who have not yet completed a high school diploma but who are ready for the challenge of college-level coursework. First, students who seek a general education degree may earn transferrable college credits. Second, students who seek to advance their career or technical skills may earn credits for a certificate designed to offer more immediate employment skills and opportunities. Either of these can be pursued while the student is still in high school. For some, it means graduating from high school with as much as two years of college completed. In some cases, classes can be taken at little or no cost to the high school student.

Articulated Credits

Articulation of credit links high school and community college systems, helping students pass from high school to college without delays or repeating their learning. An articulation agreement between a high school and community college may apply when a select technical high school course covers the same content as the college level course. Under such agreements, the credit a student receives for the high school class articulates into the community college as transfer credit. This in turn, permits the student to advance into higher-level courses at the community college. If your high school offers college-level technical courses, check to see if there is an articulated credit agreement with Aims. Federal and state financial aid is not available for this option.

Concurrent Enrollment

It is possible to earn high school credit and college credit simultaneously. Several such Concurrent Enrollment options exist. These differ in who teaches the course, who pays for the course, who is eligible to participate, or what types of classes are covered. In all cases, the high school student will need to complete an application through the high school, as well as an Aims Community College Concurrent Enrollment Application to enroll. A funding mechanism for concurrent enrollment, Post Secondary Enrollment Options Act (commonly called PSEO), and three of the most popular concurrent enrollment options are described here. (For more PSEO information, see website: Federal and state financial aid is not available for this option.

Postsecondary Enrollment Options ACT

PSEO is a state legislated mechanism to reimburse high school students for college tuition costs. A high school student, working through their high school guidance counselor, must complete and submit a PSEO application and an Aims application well in advance of the class start date. Generally, PSEO funding only applies for classes not ordinarily available at the students’ high school. Under PSEO, students pay tuition costs at the time they register for classes, but are reimbursed by the school district if they earn a “C” grade or better in the class. Costs for books or additional fees are not usually reimbursed. PSEO funds can apply to students seeking a transferrable general education college degree, but most often are not available for those seeking a technical certificate. Federal and state financial aid is not available for this option.

Dual Enrollment Agreements

Classes taught in the high school may qualify to earn the student both high school credit and college credit at the same time if advanced arrangements have been made. A high school teacher, often teaches the course. This teacher must qualify as an Aims instructor. In order to receive the college credit, the student must pay Aims’ tuition, which typically is not reimbursable under the PSEO funding act. Upon course completion, the class appears on an official Aims academic transcript, just like any other college course taken at Aims. Dual Enrollment courses can apply to students seeking either a general education degree or a technical certificate. Federal and state financial aid is not available for this option.

Advanced Studies

Advanced Studies are an option for students ready for a college level course, but the class is not offered by the high school. If the high school has sufficient number of students who qualify, Aims may provide these classes including the Aims instructors, at the high school location. Otherwise, students take Advanced Studies courses at an Aims location. As in Dual Enrollment programs, students in Advanced Studies receive college credit for the courses, and establish an official college transcript. The student pays Aims’ tuition, and may pay for books. If the requirements for reimbursement are met, tuition costs are repaid to the student through PSEO funding. Advanced Studies courses most often apply to students seeking a general education college degree, but may apply to some technical certificate programs as well. Federal and state financial aid is not available for this option.

Career Academy

Career Academy is not a single program, but a series of partnerships between Aims’ Career and Technical Education office and participating high schools in the Aims service area. The resulting contracts promote career training in programs such as Automobile Collision Repair, Automotive Service (including AYES), Carpentry, Nurse Aide, Med Prep, and Horticulture/Landscape. The contracts provide for a specific number of “seats” each year that are purchased by a particular high school or school district. Based on the recommendations of counselors and parents, students are selected to participate. Aims instructors usually teach the classes at Aims. High school students enrolled in Career Academy establish an official college transcript with college credits building toward a career or technical certificate. Some classes may also apply as general education credits at 2 or 4-year colleges. Tuition, books and most materials are paid for by the school, not the student. Career Academy applies only to a specific list of career or technical certificates, but the number and scope of Career Academy contracts is expected to grow. Federal and state financial aid is not available for this option.

High School Diploma and GED Programs

For students who have dropped out of high school or who want an alternative to completing traditional high school programs, Aims provides High School Diploma and GED programs through Continuing Education offerings. Please see the Continuing Education  section of the catalog for more information. Federal and state financial aid is not available for these programs.