Catalog 2010-2011, Final Edition 
    May 27, 2024  
Catalog 2010-2011, Final Edition [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

MTE 244 - Lean Manufacturing Prac/Proc

Credits: 3
Provides a study of the Toyota Production System (TPS), also known as Lean Manufacturing, Just-in-Time (JIT), Demand Flow, or Build-to-Order. The course covers the build-to-forecast batch-process method and compares it with TPS. The students study and develop in the lab the following TPS concepts/methods: customer expectations, seven fundamental wastes, plan-do-check-act cycle, kanban system and kanban types, material flow, group technology, manufacturing cells, point-of-use storage and support, and setup/changeover time reduction. This course also covers application of the following problem solving tools: flowchart, cause-and-effect diagram, check sheet, pareto chart, root cause analysis, statistical process control. Students investigate the basics of high-mix, low-volume manufacturing. Three credits.