Catalog 2010-2011, Final Edition 
    Apr 25, 2024  
Catalog 2010-2011, Final Edition [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Arts, A.A.

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The Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree is awarded to the student who successfully completes a program designed to transfer to a four-year college or university for the purpose of earning a baccalaureate degree. Although the requirements of the Associate of Arts (A.A.) and the Associate of Science (A.S.) degrees are similar, the Associate of Science degree includes more science and mathematics.

Liberal Arts is the only major a student may pursue within the A.A. degree.

General Requirements for the A.A. Degree:

The following are general requirements for the A.A. degree:

  1. Sixty (60) semester credit hours in approved course work are required for graduation.
  2. A student must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (a ‘C’ average) in the A.A. degree program curriculum. GPA requirements for admission into four year institutions may be higher than 2.0. Students interested in transferring should contact the receiving institution for specific admission requirements.
  3. Fifteen (15) semester hours of course work applicable to the degree program and completed prior to graduation must be Aims Community College courses.
  4. No courses numbered below 100 may be applied toward completion of the A.A. degree.

All courses included in General Education in the A.A. degree are intended to transfer. Occasional elective arts and sciences courses and most career and technical courses may not be accepted for transfer by particular baccalaureate institutions. See Approved Degree Electives for appropriate electives for the A.A. degree. Once students have determined which baccalaureate institution they wish to transfer to, they should confirm and obtain in writing the receiving institution’s transfer requirements, including a list of specific courses. Students can also consult the web site at for transfer guides to arts and sciences majors at Colorado’s four-year colleges and universities.

Students seeking the Associate of Arts degree must earn minimum credits in the following subject areas:

General Education Credits

  • Communication 6
  • Arts & Humanities 9
  • Behavioral & Social Sciences 9
  • Mathematics 3
  • Physical & Life Sciences 8
  • Oral Communication or Technology 3
  • Electives 22

Total: 60

Associate of Arts Curriculum:

Communication: (6 Credits)

The following two courses are required.

Total Communication Credits for A.A. Degree: 6

Arts & Humanities: (9 Credits)

Select three courses.

Total Arts and Humanities Credits for A.A. Degree: 9

Behavioral & Social Sciences: (9 Credits)

Select three courses, one of which must be History.

Total Social and Behavioral Sciences Credits for A.A. Degree: 9

Mathematics: (3 Credits)

Select one course.

Note: All course prerequisites must be met for the following courses. Students who earn a “D” grade in a course which is part of a sequence (e.g.  MAT 090 , MAT 099 ) may not continue on with the next course in the series; students are required to repeat the course and demonstrate mastery of the material by earning a grade of C or better. (See the Mathematics Department  for Math course flow chart.)

Total Mathematics Credits for A.A. Degree: 3

(Credits above the minimum of 3 will be counted in the elective category.)


In order to receive General Education credit for Integrated Science courses, students must complete both SCI 155  and SCI 156 . Successful completion of both SCI 155  and SCI 156  will satisfy all General Education requirements in the Physical and Life Sciences category for the A.A. degree.

Total Physical and Life Sciences Credits for A.A. Degree: 8

(Credits above the minimum of 8 will be counted in the elective category.)

Oral Communication or Technology: (3 Credits)

Select one of the following courses.


A student may demonstrate technology proficiency via an examination administered by the college or take CIS 118  or substitute (with advisor approval) a higher level technology course for CIS 118 . A fee will be charged for the examination.

Total Oral Communication or Technology Credits for A.A. Degree: 3


Electives may be chosen from the general education curriculum, other arts and sciences courses and specific Career and Technical courses (see Approved Degree Electives ). A maximum of 3 credits of Physical Education courses are allowed in A.A. degree electives.

Total Elective Credits for A.A. Degree: 22

Total Credits for A.A. Degree: 60

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